Residential Services

New Construction Install

Building your dream house is an exciting time! Let us give you peace of mind by knowing you're getting a correctly sized system(s) and top-quality workmanship for your project!

Existing System Changeout

When a mechanical system failure occurs, it's never at the right time. We take pride in being able to quickly replace your broken unit(s) with like sized (and likely more efficient) replacements to get you back into comfort.

General Maintenance

An essential part of prolonging the health of any mechanical system is routine maintenance. Whether it's changing filters, checking refrigerant pressures, or cleaning coils, we have the tools and expertise to keep your system(s) running in tip-top shape!

Financing Options

Many times, tough decisions are made when choosing to repair an older, less efficient unit versus replacing with a newer, more efficient unit due to the high cost of a new system. Consumer financing can be an effective tool to fit a new system into your budget without breaking the bank, while unlocking savings through reduced energy usage when compared to older, less-efficient units.

We have researched a few of the MANY options available when seeking home improvement financing and listed some below. These companies have zero affiliation with Burcker Heating Cooling & Refrigeration and should not be considered your only finance options. However, these companies have very high consumer ratings and streamlined application processes. We list these only for your convenience!

Please feel free to consider these options for financing along with others (such as your local bank or credit union).



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